5G Phone Tower - Reign Scott Drone Imagery

Reign Scott Drone Imagery

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Drone Photography, Videography, Inspections and more...


Work under a Casa issued  REOC Certificate 
fully publicly insured and commercially registered.
If you're needing a job in the following fields for Video Or Aerial Photography we can help. 

Site Progress Timelapses 
Residential property inc 360 Panoramas 
Commercial property
Roof Inspections
Construction and Engineering
Vertical Aerials for Tiktok & Instagram Reels from $80
Site Mapping 
Night Time Video/Photography

don't cover your requirements in the list above? Reach out as we sometimes have been able to fulfill a job not even part of our usual workflow

we are not for profit business and run to enhance awareness of certain disabilities .
All examples on this page were shot with Reign by my side



"It was a pleasure to working with Scott. His work ethic and prices are fantastic, you'd be missing an opportunity if you didn't allow Scott to assist you with your drone requirements."

Brett Marks , Feb 2022

5G Phone Tower - Reign Scott Drone Imagery